Comment: Many are put away for lessor victimless crimes.

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Many are put away for lessor victimless crimes.

Why can't we arrest Mr. Morgan and put him on trial for treason?

This nation has the highest incarceration rate in the entire world, so tell me how is this agent of a foreign queen still walking our streets and spreading his message of hate for key American freedoms on national TV.

This is why the founding fathers believed that militias were the answer. They were just independent enough to act on these sort of seditious crimes and see to it that such loyalist traitors were chased (running for their very lives) across the border to the north or captured and strung up.

We have Guantanamo today for just this sort of purpose but you have to be brown skinned and from a nation that is also threatening the British queen's multinational corporate interests/holdings in order for us to send you there for water boarding.

Yet after two wars with the bitch's ancestors the queen's agents and the royal family are given license to operate unimpeded on American soil. It is about damn time we round them up, and decide to bring serious charges against them or send them home all together regardless.

In the case of Piers Morgan he has already committed acts of sedition against our form of government. Therefore he should be tried accordingly, possibly in a military court, and given a public execution if convicted on these charges.