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My foots out of my mouth

.. considering I meant what I said. I know there are actual activists on here [note, I didn't direct my comment at you], and this forum has brought a lot of good. But there are people who read and write and do nothing to participate outside this cyber-reality. And I am also quite certain that some of these people are the ones who are unforgiving and believe politicians lacking a "perfect record" (with words and votes) are not viable liberty candidates and dismiss them immediately.

What I seriously don't understand is why folks around here insist on bashing Rand while he is still the closest to our collective ideals within the Senate? Somebody will post a topic that puts Rand in a good light, and you STILL find responses saying "I haven't trusted Rand since he endorsed Romney!". Seriously? He just spent 20 minutes telling his fellow senators why indefinite detention is WRONG and that he isn't supporting this, and you're going to be mad at him? I don't care if you forgive him or not for what he's done previously, but at least offer him proper credit when he makes a massive effort to CONVINCE LEGISLATORS (a very DIRECT form of influence an individual can have on federal law) and you're going to say he's a shill?

Rand is a Repulican politician. He's not Ron Paul. He is very liberty minded. He may vote with his party on certain issues, he may voice support for things you don't agree with, but you are blind if you think he is a complete fraud sent out to trick us. Listen to speeches he's given to the Senate and you will hear sincerety and principles that you believe in.