Comment: Israel does not care

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Israel does not care

The situation is appalling to normal Israelies as it is now.

I. Israel is compensated by USA for not trading its technologies with Russia and China. Israel could earn more by trading with BRICS countries, but a) Israel wants to be a friend to USA (even though USA is not longer a model to copy); b) Israeli socialists prefer aid that goes via gov clerks rather than via private business. So, the bribe (aid) only grows socialism in Israel and makes it weaker.

II. Now, what USA does for Israel not trading with Russia and China? USA sells weapons and gives money to Israel's enemies. Nice, remembering that Jews created atomic bomb for USA.

It is time for Israel to refuse USA bribe to stand on its own feet. USA had lost its constitution and capitalism. Nothing to wait for here. But reality is not easy. Israeli Congress has 17 political parties. Therefore, CIA can manipulate elections to break coalitions since the biggest party cannot get more than 27% and coalitions are often 2-5% away from the opposition. PM (the head of the executive branch) is not elected directly but via a party that wins majority votes in Congress. Executive branch is always a coalition. Congress can disband the executive branch at any time with just 51% vote.