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You assume falsely that people represent God.

We do not. In fact, we can not even begin to comprehend Him and it is a sign of the utmost wicked who claim to know him while lacking any sense of fear of the Almighty.

We are our own worst enemies testifying against ourselves in this regard, following the traditions and commandments of men while casting aside His actual commandments.

The truly wicked demand kings and pastors/priests (aka, cult leaders). They think that they know God but demand someone other than Christ to act as their corporate intercessor when Christ is the ONLY narrow way apart from these men who are liars.

It is only by grace that we are saved if we are saved at all. Many who think that they are saved in fact are not.

Even many, if not most, that falsely pretend to be Jew and Christian will be cast into the lake of fire because they didn't run from their church and seek Christ above the limitless number of false teachers which represent 99.9 percent of the churches today.

A church in fact is where two or more are gathered, not someplace where a preacher (aka, false teacher) leads people along the broad road away from Christ and directly to hell.