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Thank you..

Ill share one of my stories..

A few years ago two different people attempted to screw me over. I considered one a best friend and the other was a turd, but he employed me, so I put up with it.

Both of them kinda ganged up on me. I was so angry that I did not pay attention to what I was doing. On the guy that was my friend, I bought the business he worked at and fired him. Then the guy I worked for.. I talked to his landlord because I knew his lease was up and the landlord hated his guts too. I was able to convince the landlord to evict him.

I took the business I purchased and placed it in the space I got the other guy evicted out of. Pretty sweet payback right?

About two weeks after I opened the business I was driving to work. A thought entered my head. 'Why did I do this?' All I could do was shake my head.

In my anger I lost sight of what I actually wanted. Revenge was pumping through me like adrenaline during a skydive. Problem is, once I hit the ground and the adrenaline subsided, I realized I didnt even want the business I now owned.

Couple that with just screwing two people out of their businesses and I opened a business on a bad note. Those guys, although lame, had friends and the word on the street was I was an evil S.O.B.

Ive learned to channel anger and turn it around. Kill em with kindness. Im still working on it.. :)

Thanks for sharing and Merry Xmas!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul