Comment: We Need To Be Careful

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We Need To Be Careful

I know where you were coming from but I think we should be careful not to get carried away with how we use our rights against cops. Cops are cops and they are human. Maybe he had a valid reason for pulling you over. (breaklight out, whatever) Maybe we shouldn't go into freedom mode until we are given a reason. I like to think, "What would Ron Paul do now?" I think a lot of us get what is going on with the "standing against tyranny" movement but we aren't educated in just HOW to handle it. We aren't all as well trained as Luke (We are Change) and others but we want to be. I personally have wondered how to handle the situation should I be stopped for nothing but I am not sure what to do. I don't think I would just jump into patriot mode without feeling out the situation first. I don't want to have a chip on my shoulder for every cop out there. Just my thoughts.