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The thrust

The thrust is by joining and occupying the seats and offices in the GOP, following Rand's lead, and studying Rand's path, because Rand is showing us how layered laws are, like war, it's not just a one law deal.. it's many leveled with resolutions, inniatives, bills, acts, that span local, state, national and international laws.. and here in America, there are two parties by which a rEVOLution or Liberty Movement can "thrust", by employing the same tools of inniatives, resolutions, acts and bills.. so either you are going to get with our program and learn, learn Roberts Rules of Order, Learn howgovernment is a many splintered thang and what your rols is, or you wave signs. Nothing wrong with waving signs unless you think that's the solution = thrust.

Knocking Rand is like saying: "I already KNOW everything I need to know and don't want to learn anything else."