Comment: here in the self-proclaimed, "freedom-loving" State of Texas

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here in the self-proclaimed, "freedom-loving" State of Texas

if you refuse a "sobriety test", then they just call in the flabotomist. A police van shows up, you're strapped down, and they extract the blood from your veins...because they OWN us.

I am not sure what the best way to deal with cops is, but I have had the best luck with just engaging them in "normal" (relaxed) conversation. This may sound kinda stupid, but every time that I have brought up "good 'ol boy" subjects, like hunting, cowdogs,country music, hot rods,etc.(you can usually sum up the cop by their age...if he is young, then hunting or racing/hot rods...if he is old, bring up ranching, or your cowdog or something an older generation might relate to.) Remember, using someones mental tendencies against them, and mplementing a little psychology to get the right re-action is what government does to the masses. So why not use it on a smaller scale to handle cops. Cops are always saying they are "normal people too"...well, then use that aginst them. They obviously want to be normal somehow. Every time I have tried this approach I have ended up with a warning, and every time I was pulled over I WAS guilty of so called speeding.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy