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sorry, you must be on the wrong website

...this is a liberty website, not a Authritarian lovefest website. If there is no individual who is violated by his speed where is the crime? Arbitrary speed limits set by Tax feeding thugs who use it as an excuse to terrorize citizens is not my idea of freedom. Who says that he was reckless? maybe he was going over the "speed-limit" and was not driving crazy at all. I routinely go 5 over and I feel safe and have never hurt or violated anyone else with my driving, yet I have been pulled over for it.
Telling others to think about those around them is something everyone should do, but standing up for Cops stopping people for victim-less "crimes" is just advocating authoritarian power.
And telling people how to act while chastising them and telling them to "stop crying,GROW UP and think of others" is not only a rude way to say it, but it is also something the author might want to try himself.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy