Comment: I've heard these stories before

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I've heard these stories before

applied to 3rd world countries, where getting an injured person on their feet is cost-prohibitive in the near-term and the cost of supporting them is a huge burden. It was pitched as better for the victim, too.

But the thing is, the cost evaluation of supporting an injured person for life vs. burying the dead applies to any country, even the U.S., especially if you're talking about a child who has a lot of years ahead.

I'm blaming the way they are talking with each other about it. People have worked out in their heads ahead of time that there is empathy for them if they make that decision. There's usually a bit more moral responsibility people take on for these me and me alone decisions, but when they already know the mob has spoken some empathy for them, they can defer their own responsibility that little bit more.

They need to change the way they talk to each other about this. Even talking about the government needing to change the cost evaluation is enabling this kind deferred responsibility for moral behavior.

And that's where we can then blame communism, if people have deferred problem-solving to the government to that degree that it doesn't occur to them what responsibility they hold in their own hands for the way they talk to each other.


We live in a country where the cost evaluation may work out that way at times, too, especially for the rich who can fight the criminal charges in court but have more to lose in a civil judgement. Can you imagine us telling each other that the government needs to fix that imbalance so people can then make the right decision? No. We tell each other they are monsters if they make that decision, regardless of how it works out monetarily. And us overlooking where the Chinese people get this wrong is a stepping stone to losing sight of how this is so not a government issue.

And for all we know, the cost evaluation might not even work out so solidly that way in China. That's how jabber-mouthing urban legends work. It isn't always accurate.

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