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Who, what, when, where, and how.

If the idea is to know what the people do when they invent, create, and then employ a Central Bank Fraud and Extortion Racket made Legal, such as The Dollar Hegemony, then the drug dealer at the High School works best to me.

What they do is that they create a demand for Fraud Money by selling the lie that convinces the victims to be confident in using Fraud Money because failure to use Fraud Money will be missing out on a fabulous future in nirvana, whereby the Fraud Money creates National Credit out of nothing.

No one in their right mind, if they knew the facts, would leap headfirst into heroin drug addition or absolute abject belief in the falsehoods of National Credit (which is National Debt) without question.

But the heroin dealers and the central bankers never seem to run out of ready victims - so far.

What is the saying that applies here? There is one born every minute.

In the case of the High School drug dealer the free supply represents the dumping phase, which is the BOOM phase in the business cycle (Business Psycho), where seemingly there is suddenly a ready supply of free drugs/money, and both are counterfeit, if the drugs are supposed to be good, then why are these drugs sending these consumers into hell on Earth, and if the money is supposed to be good in the case of the Central Bank Drug Dealers, then why is this money (sold as the way to earn credit) sending the consumers into hell on Earth too?

What they are both doing, Drug dealer at the High School, and Central Bankers at the Legal Money Monopoly Fraud and Extortion Racket, are lying, when they advertize falsely the product they offer, as being "free", and as being "good", and as being something for nothing, or generous, or prosperous, or POWERFUL for the victims, when in fact the whole process is what it is, which is a crime in progress. On the down cycle the victims realize that they are in trouble, things are not so good anymore, and what the criminals do now, is they offer a solution to the problem that the criminals created with the first lie, and the victims now believe the second lie, the lie that says that here, have some more, this will make things all better, if you pay the cost.

The High School kids are turning to robbery, prostitution, whatever it takes to get the drugs ON BOTH ENDS.

The High School kids have to get Federal Reserve Notes, because that is what the Heroin dealers demand as payment in exchange for heroin,

Where does the Heroin come from?


Who supplies the Heroin to the Drug Dealers?

The Troops.

Who pays the Troops?

The Federal Reserve System Extortion Division Office Pentagon.

Who pays the Pentagon?

The Treasury.

Who pays the Treasury, and what exactly do they pay them?

They pay them Federal Reserve Notes borrowed from the Chinese.

Who pays the Chinese.

The Federal Reserve People.

Why are the Drug Dealers demanding Federal Reserve Notes from the High School kids when they trade Heroin for something in return for Heroin, not gold watches, not time in the sack, not a lunch at McDonalds, not WalMart gift certificates: Federal Reserve Notes are demanded so the High School kids beg, borrow, or steel anything to get Federal Reserve Notes so as then to get Heroin.

It may not be Heroin, it may be Coke, or it may be Speed, or it may be some other highly addictive, highly destructive drug, but in each case, from one end of this country to the other, the constant, that does not vary, is the demand for Federal Reserve Notes.


As with the Drug Addicts, a market that would not exit without PUSHING, the fraud, the lies, the hard sell, the ready supply for "free", the ignorance, the folly, the weakness, the power-less-ness, the gullibility, the naivety, the innocence, CRUSHED, without that criminal element there would be no such market as it does exist criminally, exactly as it does exist criminally, paid for with Federal Reserve Notes flowing out of the Federal Reserve Central Bank Legal Money Monopoly Fraud in progress.

What they do is to convince the victims of the need for the free stuff, and then when it is no longer free, on the down cycle, what they do is offer the costly stuff as remedy for the costly stuff being so costly, and what they do on the victim end of that very rotten stick, is believe those lies well enough to go along with it, perpetually, until death do us part?

Perhaps an intervention is needed?

What to do, what to do, what to do, when what they are doing is crime, as criminal or as victim, what they are doing is crime, as lender or as borrower, what they are doing is crime, as master or as slave, what they are doing is crime, as pusher or as user, what they are doing is crime, so instead of what they are doing, which is crime, what can I do?

I can know that what they are doing is crime, and I can opt out of it.


I can offer you a handy little guide offered to me, and I read it, and I'm passing it onto anyone who has an interest in opting out of the crime in progress.

That fits well into the viewpoint I get from your words, in ways that you may not agree even if you read that small book.

I don't know what company you are working on, so I may be well off the mark, but by any name, company, family, city, county, corporation, church, flock, gang, organized crime, state, government, community, society, cabal, whatever, it, the thing, the sum total of all the people thinking and acting in ways that constitute their membership into the thing, it, the thing, will not be accountable, in reality, it will be people who are accountable, as they think, and as they act, each their own way, and if the thoughts and actions are criminal, then they are criminals as they define crime with each innocent victim being injured by those criminals in that group.

It won't be the group that is responsible, it will be each individual that is responsible, and the group, call it Fried Chicken, is merely a label, not a responsible entity.

The Zeitgeist Movement, if I have that right, is a few people who produced a few movies, conveying many ideas, reporting much information, and leading the viewers of those movies along a specific, intended, path. I think there was, and is, an intent to inform the viewers, but at the same time I think there is an intent to convince the viewers of the validity of a specific viewpoint, and I do not agree with that viewpoint as I understood it after watching two of the productions produced by those people who may constitute the Zeitgeist Movement.

It is a general rule of mine to point out the need to be accurate, and I do so because there are so many false messages being dumped onto the information market these days.

If your small group of support has the power to get your business to "take off" I'd like to know how that example worked the way it worked. If it fails to "take off", I'd like to know why it failed too.

If the connection to the Legal Criminals remains, in any case, then that cost contributes to any accurate measure of failure (unless the person doing the measuring is also one of the legal criminals).

The connection to the Legal Criminals is The Federal Reserve Legal Money, at least until they change the label.

What they do is change the label, so as to trick the victims into thinking that the new label on the same old crime is better for the victims.