Comment: The fact of the matter is

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The fact of the matter is

The fact of the matter is what we as libertarians are trying to fight in this day and age is misinterpretation of the constitution for political agendas. As far as I'm concerned you are weaving the Constitution to fit your argument(just as those for Gun Control try and do).

I do not believe anyone is stripped of their rights to free speech simply because they are a foreign citizen, I do not believe that we should forcibly enact consequences upon them for that opposing view.

The consequence is already laid in place in the form of you choosing to oppose his opinion with your own, trying to sway others to your side. If you can do that through reasoning, research, and point of fact as opposed to playing a demagogue stance(like Morgan does), then you are far more likely to gain support for your opinion.

Besides the fact that he's not the only one. If people in Washington allowed the dismantling of the second amendment we could have ALL OF THEM removed from their post for denying their oath to uphold the constitution. We all know this would be legally possible, but they wouldn't go with it anyways.

As far as I'm concerned Piers is barely a blip on the radar of the overlying issue however it does not give anyone the right to act consequences upon him for an opposing opinion.

The Road to Prosperity begins with seeking wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the world around you. Peace can not be attained by those who close their minds to the people around them and their choices in living.