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Some answers and links.

"So my question is, why is there no militia in America? What's the history of this and how did this evaporate from our culture?"

- Walter is right. There is militia. He's very right about families, and the "militia of one" philosophy being prevalent. (see the 2 youtube links below for some good sheepdog philosophy.) The militia movement is very underground, because to go public opens yourself to much federal scrutiny, including undercover feds joining your unit and trying to sell you bomb making materials, and then bust you, and claim with mainstream media's embellishment that they just foiled a major domestic terror plot. Then the Southern Poverty Law Center makes a web page dedicated to you claiming you have neo-nazi connections. If you join or form a unit, do nothing illegal, and kick out anyone advocating criminal or racist behavior. The history of why militias have gone underground is heavily rooted in the incidents known as "Waco", and "Ruby Ridge" (see link below.) I won't detail them here, you should do an internet search and read up on them though. Very educational.

"What's to stop me and other gun owners from declaring ourselves a militia here in my home-state of SC?"

- Nothing, for the most part. Under 10 U.S.C. 311 paragraph B all able bodied males age 18 - 45 who are not in the military are members of the unorganized militia. Search here on the DP for threads on the Efficiency of Militia Act of 1902, also called the Dick Act. There was a good thread going a couple weeks ago. Edit: D.C vs. Heller Supreme Court decision upheld and individuals right to keep and bear arms, and upheld the right to participate in a militia. The biggest obstacle is state law. Check the laws of your state. Read your state constitution. Here in Washington State, militias are banned in our constitution. So then what you do is form an "airsoft team" and practice and train that way in small unit tactics, etc.

Closing thoughts - There are some great resources of information available. What ever you do, be smart, obey the laws in your state, remain low key and only with people you know, vetted, and trust. If someone spouts off stupid or illegal crap, kick 'em out. Here's some links for you.

Hope this helps. Long Live the Republic!