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you are not treasonous...

you are just stupid...and I use that word (stupid) with great trepidation that I am not being strong enough against you

those that believe in gun control should have lived in turkey, china, germany, russia, and thailand in this century (of course, you would not have lived very long there after gun control was implemented as you would have been DEAD/KILLED by a brutal regime...kinda like what we have waiting in the wings here)

and, nothappy, why haven't you mentioned the one common thread ALL of these psychotics have in common...brain disease! is that too logical for you?

these people use knives to achieve their means when guns are not available...the answer is NOT to take away guns from those that have "legally" obtained in the sense that they had to register them, which I do NOT agree with as it is a form of gun control, too

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