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Comment: I believe the initial concept was....

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I believe the initial concept was....

..civil case of natural disaster, or, government over-reach.

Simply put, the majority of the electorate in each community decided to accept a tax, put it into a "common pot of wealth", and buy civil enforcement and fire protection.

Now they don't care about their neighbors, they don't talk to their neighbors, they only gossip about
their neigjbors based on superficial observations.

While we hoard metals, ammunitions, and food fearing the inevitable; we prepare to harm our neighbor if they threaten our survival because of how they've always voted for establishment candidates; who are protected by the layer of taxpayer funded civil defense they purchased instead of selflessly voluntarily becoming the civil defense themselves against tyrannical government, FOR their neighbors.

Just my enforcement and fire protection in total is just another layer of protection that protects the political elites from the common folk should things go south "in a hurry" the White House really "ours"? Same concept.

This happened slowly over time, as prosperity distracted us from our civil responsibility.