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Are you actually going to

Are you actually going to make the case that this wealth came from a simple file storage site and that he has no moral culpability for his actions?

He was a massive violator/enabler of property theft. From my understanding, he charged admission to access to a vault of copyrighted material and that is how he made his $. Now, outed and charged, he searches for continued relevance by become a shining beacon of artists rights.

I work in the music industry (no, not an EVIL record label) and see first hand the disastrous effects of file sharing/pirating.

I'm in no position to defend all record company actions (there are ethically challenged people and executives everywhere) but record companies exist for a real market reason and to argue otherwise simply shows that you don't know what your talking about. Whenever I encounter "Evil Record Companies" talk, that is just a ruse for the person justifying their blatant and obvious theft of copyrighted material.

I honestly can't believe I'm having to defend basic individual and property rights on the Daily Paul.