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Comment: Pre-War Press: The Associated Press Declares War... as usual.

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Pre-War Press: The Associated Press Declares War... as usual.

Protocol, my boy. Protocol. You & your countrymen must follow protocol. Our well established protocol for alerting nations & their countrymen to acts of war is tried & true. All polite & proper acts of war for the last century, have been announced & duly reported by Reuters News Service ®. Associated Press ®, a Reuters subsidiary reported this time. As the Crown ® is typically the major financier of war, it is fit & proper that their organ, Reuters should indeed present war news under exacting standards to insure it occurs per specifications. Reuters delivers fast, lessening the chance events haphazardly occur to the contrary.

      HELP WANTED * Foreign correspondents
  • 35 new locations opening now!
  • Discover new countries in Africa!
  • Have new bridges & building named for you!
  • Report hot news before actual events occur!

Early reports make news happen. We specify the news. We control the news. We are Reuters. Join our team! Win wars with us!
Notice: Wars-R-Us nor Reuters is directly responsible for their conduct, as a limited liability corporations. News services are offered w/o warranty or guarantee. Believe at your own risk.

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