Comment: Hey. The U.S.A. is Not the Bully Here.

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Hey. The U.S.A. is Not the Bully Here.

So, a very small number of Americans decide to supply the brass knuckles (so to speak), show how they are used, give a pat on the back and send em on their way.

How could any of the victims blame us?

It's not like you or I have a choice in how our tax dollars are used, the amount of debt extended in our names, or even a choice in how much personal income will be taken and used for purposes that go against your or my fundamental beliefs.

It's ridiculous for people to blame us.

So what if our presidential election was a fight between a lot of War or even more War. A majority of voters representing a minority of the American population voted for War and more War. That's a no-brainer.

What's not to get.

As the victims get pummeled (so to speak), they've got to keep all of this in mind, or they are just not dealing with the reality of the situation (they are crazy).

I, for one, will only feel sorry for the targets of our violence if they reciprocate with an understanding of the great human toll Americans pay of an unknown amount of their daily lives toward an ever changing landscape of uncertain impersonal targets. Many of us Americans don't even know, see, or even feel this daily drain automatically withdrawn from our paychecks.

We are victims too.

If these foreign victims can't understand and see that we are suffering hand in hand with their suffering, then I guess they just don't have compassion for their fellow human.

They either just don't "get it", or are just plain crazy.