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Comment: This is The Grand Opening For The Obamanoids Second Term

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This is The Grand Opening For The Obamanoids Second Term

It makes me sick to have to post this article, but I hope none of you are not under any delusions of a better Obama. This puppet president is capable of bringing to America and to other nations hell on earth. He knows exactly what he's doing.

Obama Mission # 1: To wipe out any resistance to the New World Odor and to rape the natural resources of these 35 nations and others..

* Remedy: Change foreign Policy by staying out of the internal affairs of other countries)

Mission # 2: The administration will continue to use the media propaganda machine to brainwash the present culture to give in and give up their guns and at the same time the congress is going to prepare legislation to ensure the guillible that he means to protect them by taking away certain guns or all guns THEY deem unnecessary or dangerous.

** Remedy: To outlaw all dangerous and useless drugs and drug therapy that have been known to cause extreme psychosis, violent tendencies, doing nothing but harm to the patient or victim.

Bottom line: Guns are not the problem, they are in many cases the solution. We need them to counter any amount of government tryanny..

No one knows if we have six months, one year or three years, but nevertheless, we need to keep the pressure on our legislators to do our bidding...REMEMBER, THEY WORK FOR US!