Comment: Take The High Ground

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Take The High Ground

Ever notice that the anti-gunners will always attempt to start the gun debate from an intellectual or ideological perspective, NOT a moral one?

You got to ask yourself, "why is that?" Could it be because that they consciously know that they are weak on moral grounds?

They tend to know nothing about guns, yet they will always start out the debate with big sounding media generated, cherry-picked, buzz words, that they know they don't really understand.

Notice that they nearly always start out they're argument with the comment, "We live in a day and age where no one needs guns," followed by the words, "assult weapon, clip size, automatic, etc?"

They'll attempt to go round and round on THAT train so we need to get em off that track and bring it back to the moral grounds.

This is not easy, nor is it to claim or say that you nor I am morally superior. BUT it is to imply that they "lack fortitude" here, thus have a hard time going there. Again, why is that? You know the answer.

Let them know that you are on to them. Then let them know that you know that they are morally bankrupt in this area and if they are to really understand the topic fully and to appreciate the issue, and to debate it properly, they need to understand things from this side of the equation also.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

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