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Definitely read Edwin Vieira. He now has two comprehensive books about the Constitutional Militia.

The militia is mandated by the constitution, much as silver and gold as money is mandated by that oft ignored document. You can't "start your own militia." The militia is an organization of the states.

The fact that the militia was co-opted by the states and replaced by national guard and so forth is a farce. Just think about it. Now the states claim there is an "organized militia" and an "unorganized militia." This is ridiculous. There is only one militia and it is supposed to be a "well regulated militia" as the second amendment proclaims.

Here in Ohio, the Ohio Constitution still contains Article IX which defines the militia as all citizens between the ages of 17 and 67 years of age. Your state constitution may or may not contain something similar.

The founders detested the idea of a standing army. Yet the militia has now been "replaced" by just that. Many people today think the 2nd Amendment is the only one of the Bill of Rights still standing. In truth, it was one of the first destroyed in the early years of the 20th century.