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even though i'm inclined to agree..

you can save the chest-beating, brave heart bullshit for someone with less sense because all your rhetoric depends on disguised collectivist thinking. i am one person and cannot be responsible for another person. you can not transfer responsibility.

you want to throw away your life when they do decide to pursue you, be my guest. but what's your goal? do you know? is it to get enough people to stop paying now so that you can reign government back to a manageable level? noble, but we'd share two totally different understandings of what the nature of government is. from my point of view, it simply cannot, in any meaningful manner, be reigned in. you may win some small battles but that war will always have infinite fronts, infinite enemies and infinite ground lost until the same story has been played out as it has since the beginning of time.

now, do you think that mass refusal to pay taxes will lead to anything other that a massacre? citizens won't be winning that one. and armed revolt will likely lead to instituting worse tyrants than you already have.

and this is ignoring the fact that you just don't have numbers. or a plan. or anything really. kent state comes to mind. how many remember that? where was the revolt then?

so what is your ultimate vision here? easy to paint your face on the internet, point fingers and rally yourself but once you try and take it ANY further, it falls to pieces.

if you were to ask me, i would say agora is a good way to expand the front in our favor. the surveillance and manpower needed to stop it is near impossible. plus, what is peaceful is always more desirable. it's civil disobedience. it's voluntary. every day it would make the state less relevant. not to say that would solve it but it's a step in the right direction.