Comment: What A Very Very Very Ignorant Statement...

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What A Very Very Very Ignorant Statement...

... I never thought that I would hear on the Daily Paul how Ron Paul "never provided a solution" to the problems we face. What the heck do you call "ending the fed" "bringing the troops home" "getting the government out of our bedrooms". Shame on you. I have put up with you this entire debate until you said such a shameful statement as that. The truth is Ron Paul doesn't espouse your "theories" on who is running the system so you just say he "never provided any solutions". You tell me to provide solutions... here you have it:

End the Fed = stopping the government from madly printing money and devalueing our currency

Bring the troops home = cutting billions of dollars from wasteful military spending

Restoring personal Liberty to the states = shrinking the size of the Federal Government

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