Comment: in all my times in court for evictions

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in all my times in court for evictions

they always allow the defendent a 1 week continuance with no reason required. So at the begininng just ask the judge for a continuance. If you need a reason just make one up. This will make them have to spend more time on you. They don't like that much.

As a landlord I get screwed for another week all the time. It's a pain. So I have to imagine it is a pain for prosecutors as well. Especially for something this trivial. They may just drop it so they don't have to fool with it anymore.

and don't forget you can always negotiate with the prosecutor before the trial. everything is negotiable. They may try to intimidate you but that is just part of the game. In the end you can get it reduced to a small fine and no record or go to trial.

Be strong!