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I don't doubt you. However,

I don't doubt you. However, can you point me to the passage in the constitution that protects Citizen militias, i just don't know where to look? Or are you referring to Amendment 2?

My understanding is that militias are defined and regulated by each state whether "organized" or not, and not by the United States (Fed Gov.)

My point earlier is that one could not be a member of any armed force in a foreign land, or country. Massachusetts is internationally a foreign country to New Hampshire. The United States is foreign to Massachusetts. If you were not a national of Massachusetts, I'd take a good bet that you would be a traitor to your native land if you were part of any military organization there.

My main observation is that US citizens are not nationals of any state. They have pledged their allegiance to the United States and not, say, Massachusetts which is, as a matter of international law, foreign to the United States. Thus, How is any US citizen not in insurrection to the United States if he is a member of a militia, organized or not, in any of the Union states? As I said before the United States has no militias, for it never had any nationals until the 14th Amendment to the constitution.

So who is it exactly that the 2nd Amendment is referring to? Certainly not US citizens for there were none when the amendment was written.

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