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Call it rationilization if

Call it rationilization if you will, but I own my computer and every piece of it...including the hard drive. Any time I download a song(or movie, game etc) I am not actually downloading anything, I am just rearranging the data on the hard drive that I already own. Now just to be clear...I dont download anything illegally(though I used to once upon a time back before it was "illegal" to do so. Here is what I think....its my hard drive to begin with, I should be able to arrange data on it however I wish since I already purchased it. Is doing so stealing somone's intellectual property? No more than making a cassette copy of a song is. It would be theft if you tried to sell it or get material gain of some type, but do you call a 13 year old kid making a mix tape for his first girlfriend theft? Of course not...all he is doing is sharing music he likes. Now does indiscriminate "sharing" hurt the artist's income? Absolutely, but the dynamic of the internet has changed everything and trying to make laws to keep the status quo as it was wont work. Lets take for example a program I downloaded, the purpose of this program is to change settings in the computer I use to run a project car of mine(fuel, spark timing, nitrous control etc.). I was able to dowload this software free of charge and use it to get the car running as I wanted it. However, the free version of the software locked some features out(some of the most useful). So I played around with the software for a month or so and upgraded to the full version so I could access those features. In that situation I decided after trying it that the software was good enough to buy it...a trial run showed me my money was well spent...much like the free ebooks you can get on amazon that pull you in to buy the sequel. This model allows you to decide if the product is worth your money. The truth is you buy a CD and end up only liking maybe one or two songs(with a majority of the groups). That old way is long dead...this is the age of singles, Itunes of course has a good model going and I generally get the songs I like enough from there, but I am sorry...I dont see sharing songs you own with friends as a crime, any more than listening to a radio station is(isnt that the first and ultimate file sharing service? Ad revenue through a file sharing program or over the radio is still ad revenue right?)