Comment: Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Learn to let it go.

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Learn to let it go.

And no, I was not raised Catholic...however....I have lots of family members who are good Catholics.

And none of them are pedophiles...or Nazis.

You are painting with a VERY broad brush.

And, ironically, by doing so, you are using the SAME tactics the Nazis used against the Jews.

(They accused the Jews of being the source of their economic woes and singled them out as a religion)

DON'T FORGET the Nazis then went after other groups, including protestant Christians...had no problem jailing and killing Lutherans...and and anyone that stood in their way...including their German own...such as Lutheran theologian Detirich Bonhoffer.

There is anti-Semitism. There is also racism against blacks or Asians or, sometimes, against whites too. (Called "reverse racism").

There is anti-Catholicism, too.

Granted, you had a BAD experience...but that does not make all of them bad. NO WAY.

Don't be so primitive in your reasoning.

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