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First there is no such thing

First there is no such thing as AMERICAN values, race or religion. This is a FREE society bound by the Constitution. Being AMERICAN doesn’t mean you have to or should be forced to conform or assimilate into the leading social paradigm of the day if that was the case we would cease to be a FREE society.

Again the Constitution applies to everyone and all people equally. Yes a few individuals may have chipped away at it over time but it still reign supreme and remains the LAW of the land.

These forming tribes of which you speak are an unintended consequence of the previous and|or current actions of those in POWER. DP and websites similar to it are a prime example of a collective or tribe I doubt you want to bash DP. It's founding is an unintended consequence of the actions of those in POWER in the Republican and Democratic Party, military and agricultural industrial complex, corporate and banking cartels, etc.

So there’s no need to attack and demonize a particular collective or tribe because you don’t agree with their values, race or religion so long as these individuals whom are part of these groups which account for a percentage of the AMERICAN population as do you and I do not initiate force against others.

Maybe i'm nitpicking but the formation of the society at large is irreverent so long as we all especially the State abide by the Constitution and the rule of LAW is applied to each individual irrespective of their values, race or religion.