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One of the comments

I think this person got most of the comments right but this irked me:

>>>the criminals will still get guns”, and while there is some truth that the criminals will, they are not the ones who go gunning down children. Rather, it is people who are otherwise in the “innocent” classification who do when they snap.<<<

People who gun down children in a mass murder are criminals. If they were innocent they wouldn't have done it. I don't understand what kind of point this person was trying to make. That was premeditated murder unless one thinks maybe he was brainwashed somehow. But people who aim guns and shoot at people on purpose when not for protection (little kids don't pack heat) are criminals.

Take guns away from law abiding citizens and the criminals will always be on top. I have looked down the barrel of a gun and got lucky.

I know there are some great cops out there, in my city they are pretty nice other than on the bar strip, when they stop you and ask for license and shine flashlights in your face. But I never go to bars or anything unless it's a party and there is a sober driver or I call a cab or take public transit (that's always fun. "Crazy cat" ladies and all, hehe) In any case I don't care for going downtown to bars. It was fun when I was younger though, pretty much the safest city to walk around at 1 a.m.

But some a-wipe out here in CA is advising for TSA at schools. That's nuts. I would have written down his name but I was driving.

Stuff happens. I worry every day about my son. More and more every day. Not about gun violence (although I do worry a bit) but other stuff like drugs and other types of violence and immorality. I smoked some pot late in high school and college but now kids are using meth and all kinds of prescribed pills and other garbage in middle school (even 11 year olds are dealing pot). I did go to a middle school with less than 90 kids though. I didn't even know what pot was.

TSA agents at schools and gun restriction is ridiculous.

In any case one should stand back a few steps and really think. My kid is much more likely to die driving poorly, getting drunk, or using drugs, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Heck, he could even get hit in the chest with a soccer ball. My best friend died of an OD when I was 19. I didn't even know he used drugs.

The fact that legislators want to put armed TSA agents at my kids school makes me lose hope for my state. If that ever happens I may go move in the mother in law unit at my parents and have my mother educate my child more in 2 hours than he learns in a day. Plus work on a farm. If things get that bad, that's the direction I'm headed. Armed TSA agents at eery school??? The guy may have said "something like the TSA". But that's nuts.