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Nuff said.

I wish we could stop paying for our kids schooling with taxes. That money could go to a good school of our choice.

I had my son in private school since he was 2 and now public because of cost of living increases. Rent "control" is 10% yearly.

I openly admit I should have bought a home before having a child. But I don't have credit, don't believe in credit cards or owing anyone money of any sort.

It's a double edged sword. And back when I could have purchased a home, when credit was loose, I saw the bubble. I tried to dissuade my old lab tech not to purchase a half a million dollar home. He didn't listen. I haven't heard from him for 4 years.

I may pay a lot to rent, but it's way safer, and eventually I will inherit land and a home which I have been investing in.

I hate credit. I don't borrow cash I don't have. I tried to get a simple $300 limit card so I could build up my credit and got rejected. When I was in college I'd get 5 or 10K cards thrust in my face. Luckily my dad has always been a good guide and I do the same for my son and I owe nobody anything other than taxes every year.