Comment: Should still be deported

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Should still be deported

Immigration laws are a power that we the people delegated to Congress. We need to take a step back and analyze why it would be necessary for a government to control who is allowed to enter and remain in a country. It goes right back to the very reason we created a government. The purpose of government is to provide an environment where freedom can thrive. As long as a government is healthy and supports freedom, it should be allowed to remain in power. In order to remain in power, a government must resist those enemies that seek to undermine and destroy it. It is why governments are accorded a sovereign right to exist. If a healthy government ceases to exist, then there is a real possibility that we as a people would have our human rights violated by other people and other governments seeking to fill the vacuum left by an insolvent beneficial government. I believe that since Piers is a foreign person, that he does not have the same rights that a citizen has. Those rights include the right to alter or abolish our government. He is not part of "we the people" who consent to be governed.

Furthermore, one can easily argue that his right to free speech would be jeopardized by being deported. He still has a right to free speech as that is an inalienable right. In fact, he can still produce content for CNN while out of the country, he can protest right outside any US port-of-entry, he can even bring a case before our court to argue why he should be let back in and our courts will hear the matter so his right to petition our government for a redress of his grievances will still be in place.

So, in summary, his free speech rights would not be lost and it is within our government's power to deport people under the rights given to Congress to make immigration laws, he should be deported. He has no right to alter or abolish the Constitution and that includes trying to get others to do it. Our government must defend itself against enemies both foreign and domestic.