Comment: All kinds of ridiculousness!

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All kinds of ridiculousness!

First, do you really think photos would settle this? Do you know how many so-called 'truth seekers' would be going over the photos - showing close-ups of gore and claiming things like:

"THE SMOKING GUN!! That kid has a smile on his face! Obviously faked! And look how the 'blood' is pooling under that one little girl - looks like Heinz Ketchup to me. I wonder if Senator Kerry was involved?"

And do you really think the government needs to do anything to the 'Truther Movement'? You must think the Truthers are quite a force to be reckoned with! They do a fine job of keeping themselves on the fringe.

Of course, to suggest that there is some psy-op to somehow make it seem like a conspiracy to make the theorists look bad when they finally reveal that it really happened is just laughable. For many reasons - but the ultimate one is that the ones that think it was 'all made up' will NEVER change their opinion - video/testimony/pictures/dead bodies - nothing will convince them at this point. This rabbit hole is one way.