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There is so Much More to This False Flag than these Videos

The “official story” by the medical examiner is “all shots were from a long gun.” The original report by police was two hand guns and a Bushmaster assault rifle. The assault weapon was actually found in the trunk of Christopher A. Rodia’s car (another obvious suspect that hasn’t been identified as such).

Then the “official” police story was handguns only (two, then four). . Later that evening a shotgun (not an assault rifle) is found in Adam’s mom’s car’s trunk. So, Adam had only handguns, but all the deaths were due to long guns.

State police chief saying that nobody was found in the woods. Contradicts news video of police chasing suspects in the woods and detaining one individual, handcuffed in the front seat of the police car. Eyewitness says man in camouflage pants and dark jacket was apprehended from the woods, and the man walked past the parents and said, “I didn’t do it!”

The school had a very sophisticated video surveillance system. Yet, no videos at all of the incident (except the news helicopter video of police apprehending one and losing another in the woods).
No one gets in the school unless they are seen on video and given the OK (buzzer that unlocks the door). Where’s that video?
Too much evidence that completely destroys the “official report.” Two or three other individuals at the scene of the crime, running, hiding, and dressed in combat attire identical to Adam. Police saying nobody at all at the scene of the crime, other than Adam.

All the witnesses (and Obama) are working really hard to pretend cry, yet there are zero real tears. Fake crying is really suspect in every single witness. Amazing how hard everyone is straining for tears, yet not a single miniscule drop is squeezed out of the seriously contorted faces, and broken voices. No tears???

This is just the tip of the enormously botched false flag operation. Do even a little research and it will be very obvious.