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We're homing in on it...

You state, "So far the demand for my products is practically nonexistent"

I assume you are referring to your monetary products, as in some alternative(s) to FRNs. If so, it's great that you (and so many others) are putting effort into changing the fraudulent currency system but I have a slightly different take. It's not so much counter to your efforts as it is parallel. Kind of like a race to see who gets there first with increasing progress from each of us supporting the efforts of the other along the way.

To my way of thinking, I'm passing for now on the battle of going to a different currency. I'm opting to "begin" under the current system in order to build a strong enough system that I can switch over with the support of my supply chain and customers asap after it gets going. As you elude to in your statement above, I don't see the odds as very good for convincing any significant portion of the population into switching over without some other incentive. I am choosing to offer that incentive first in hopes of swaying them more easily at a later time.

If a given person was to purchase all the products and services that we plan to offer (the whole collective group), then they will have no monthly expenses at all. Their only "requirement" for money on a regular basis would be just savings and misc. That gives a great opportunity to show how bad inflation is taxing them. And obviously, as their adoption of such 'self reliant' products is prorated, so is their open-mindedness to said information.

So, to directly answer your question... Yes, I (we) plan to use FRNs but only as long as we are forced to in order to get rolling. Customer and supplier payments will soon be 'encouraged' to be done via a bitcoin / dwalla / KBGold / paypal type of system to bolster the transition. My largest and first foe to tackle is the paradigm of renting a service for a lifetime that can easily be replaced by the one-time purchase of some other product or service. Getting people off the 'monthly' train will free up the largest chunk of their expenses that can be freed. After that, the snowballs just keep going.