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Let me address your last remark first, because it is the simplest. Ron Paul already addressed how to deal with illegal aliens, you simply quit subsidizing them. At that point, the only ones who would likely come are the ones who can make it on their own. Those are the kind of people we would want because it would be an increase in the gross domestic output of this nation. In fact, if you read the Law Of Nations, the only book referenced in the Constitution, you can see that all forms of immigration are welcomed up to the extent that the immigrant is a burden upon the nation. Those that seek to alter or abolish the Constitution are a burden.

As far as government protecting itself, I think we are not on the same track here. You see, citizens have the right to alter or abolish our government. The government only exists because we the people consent to being governed and that consent can be withdrawn, just as we did with England. Foreign people are a special circumstance because they are not citizens and since are not part of the people who have consented to be governed, he has less rights to remain here than citizens have. As for your slippery slope argument about the government trying to protect itself against citizens, that is not a logical conclusion. Immigration laws do not give Congress the power to deport natural born citizens. Citizens have rights to try and alter and abolish the Constitution because they are the ones who consented to be governed and can withdraw or limit that consent. As far as the government trying to protect itself against citizens, that shouldn't happen in a healthy nation. However, what we have today is a sick nation and if our leaders can't get back on track, then the people have an obligation to overthrow the government. In fact, the Declaration of Independence asserts that it is our right and our duty to throw off such government. I don't disagree that our leaders would abuse the power, in fact, I feel it is quite inevitable. However, I doubt the deportation of an alien would provide any kind of legal precedence for which the government can further usurp our rights. If it did, we are obligated to start kicking some tail, regardless of the sequence of events that leads to such outcome.