Comment: I don't remember America

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I don't remember America

Being in a great depression when we were at the Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan era tax rates. I think the media over hypes this kind of crap.

But really, the Bush tax cuts weren't paid for, and too many wars paid on the Fed Credit Card since then.

Raise taxes or cut spending. I'd look to the bloated defense budget for deep cuts. (No not the the troops, or military equipment directly related to support the troops currently) I mean the fat, lazy underbelly of the bureaucratic nightmare that is the defense department.

The government does not even have the capacity to audit the DD, so the estimates of spending are merely guesswork. Of course the Republican leadership removed any defense cuts since Boehner, Eric Cantor, Lindsay Graham and the other neo-con scum want to make sure Americans are ready for the next war should we make the mistake of putting them back in power.