Comment: It is the only way to get at the truth when the state police...

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It is the only way to get at the truth when the state police...

...blatantly lie to us and say that no man was apprehended in the Woods or behind the school.

Pictures will not give us all of the truth.

However, pictures and video from the school's security system will tell us way more that what the Connecticut State Police and the Feds want us know.

Once even a few discrepancies are revealed we will know for sure that Fast & Furious was not a one time event, but instead part of a larger pattern of operation whereby even events not caused, facilitated and instigated by Federal authorities are still immediately "locked down" such that the public can be force fed lies and falsehoods that are meant only to be consistent with a particular gun-grabbing political agenda as opposed to being fully transparent and letting the obvious facts of the matter speak for themselves.

Our government is once again lying to us by withholding facts, pictures and video that would otherwise tell at least part of the story that is likely way different than the mere words (socialist propaganda) we are being spoon fed now.

In its unquenchable thirst and hunger to grow, clearly our government is fast becoming a much more sinister enemy than any lone gunman.