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Several ways of owning

But in some owning must be replaced with "using".
If you invest enough money (about 1 million dollars) you have the right to own 1600m2 (called a Rai) freehold.
Buildings can be owned by foreigners so no problem there.
For the other 99% who have less to spend are two possibilities.
Rent land for 30 years, or a usufruct that can be for 30 years or for the length of your live. You can then build a house on that.
This is in practice not freehold because selling a house with a seperate deprecating lease on land and it will not be easy to sell.
Another way, need more money again, is to fidn some Thai partners, start a company, hire some employees and make money. Then the company can own the land.
Catch is that you can only have maximum 49% of the shares of the company and need Thai partners that also invest provable money in that company. You can have preferred share to have majority control.
All in all pretty good rules for Thai people, and it should because it is their country. Still offers plenty of possibilities.
Another very simple one is renting. Keeps you from shooting roots which is good for the first years.
That is it in short, if anyone is thinking about moving to Thailand you can always PM me for some more detail. I am not a lawyer or agent just sharing info from personal experience.