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Its not an appeal to emotion

it is an appeal to logic. Here's another example. Should I be allowed to just fire my gun in any direction I was, without regard to what I MIGHT hit? How about this? Should I be allowed to build a working nuclear bomb in my backyard? What, do I just need to get a big enough insurance plan?
Come on, apply a little common sense. There are things that people choose to do that are reckless and increase the probability that someone else is going to get hurt as a result of the action. The real question here is how to decide the point at which the probability is unacceptable. I don't want someone speeding down my road for a number of reasons. The first is that I know that a speeding car is much harder to control. The second is that a speeding car takes much longer to stop. The third is that a speeding car increases the odds that someone or thing will get hurt or damaged.
Here is the other side of the question; does your right to speed outweigh my right to a reasonably safe roadway? It isn't black magic that says that your speeding decreases the safety of my road. If you want to do reckless things then go somewhere that caters to you doing them, like a racetrack.