Comment: Not that simplistic.

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Not that simplistic.

You are still myopic. If GOP did not have neo-cons, USA foreign policy would not be much different. It was not much different when Reagan went to Lebanon and Grenada, Clinton bombed Belgrad with depleted uranium and sent al-Qaeda to Kosovo or Obama sent al-Qaeda to Libya and Syria.

Consider what was BEFORE neo-cons. Good Catholic JFK, American darling, was pushing Vietnam war as rabidly as any Pentagon general. What happened AFTER neo-cons lost power? Good Catholics, Janet Napoletano and Leon Panetta, are reforming the country nicely.

My point is that without neo-cons, there is still no political right in GOP among religious Christians. They sweat about fertilized eggs, humility and sacrifice instead of about capitalism, sound money and individual liberty. And they were that way most of the 20th century. If you think Christian comentators, say Rush, or Christian establishment like Ron Paul, you are mistaken.