Comment: It's not about defending

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It's not about defending

It's not about defending Piers. It's about defending the very facts that cause us to support liberty. It's about defending freedom of speech, the first and foremost among our natural rights! It has nothing to do with citizenship.

It is becoming clear in this discussion that a large amount of people such as yourself have attached yourselves to this movement for entirely the wrong reasons. You do NOT support liberty, or believe in freedom, no matter how much you scream the contrary. You want to deport someone over what they SAID. Nothing they did! You are NOT a friend of liberty. You are NOT within your rights.

You are calling for an act of violence. You are calling for the initiation of violence. That's the whole point of why we are here -- to fight AGAINST the initiation of violence. HOW do you not get that? HOW can you be so completely blind?!

Piers is wrong, utterly wrong! But you take away HIS freedom of speech, and there's no reason you or I should have any either! Let's just lock up all the dissenters!

Good lord.