Comment: Re that article's noting "slipshod" handling of a crime scene,

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Re that article's noting "slipshod" handling of a crime scene,

what I found odd was the nurse's testimony - saying that she and her secretary hid in a closet for almost four hours before someone "jiggled" the handle of the closet door where they were hiding - and even then, with no one announcing who they were at the door and no one asking if there was someone inside (after which, you'd think, if they got no reply, they'd force the door open). She said she got "brave" and eventually peeked out. What the heck kind of police/SWAT response do they have there in Connecticut such that it would take almost *four hours* to thoroughly check all the rooms - for survivors who'd managed to escape notice; for further victims whether dead or injured; or for a possible collaborator to the shooting, no less when initial police reports indicated the possibility of two or more shooters? All those people were massacred by audible gunfire and it never occurred to local, state, or federal authorities that someone might be hiding in a closet? Yeah, slipshod is right.

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