Comment: The problem isn't the vaccine, per se...

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The problem isn't the vaccine, per se...

it's the additives used to mass produce and store the vaccines to make a profit. This compromise is unacceptable and where the FDA fails miserably.

And now that the population has been brainwashed to belive any and all vaccines are safe and necessary. We are seeing vaccines for diseases once thought relatively rare and certainly not life threatening.

Shingles, for example...a vaccine is needed, really? Chicken pox, for example...another vaccine is needed for children, really? The flu, for example...really? I have had the flu several times in my wasn't pleasant but I do believe having the virus enhanced my immune system WITHOUT the added detrimental effects of metals and other neurotoxins.

These are examples of isn't everything yet those pushing these drugs act as though it is the very essence of life. Do they realize they can't take it with them?

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