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The Truth is out

There are many truths, not just one truth, because truth is perspective, like the 6 blind men and the elephant.. none were correct as to what is an elephant, but all were correct, telling the truth from their perspective. That is why truth, to 911 is a rabbit hole, a path to no justice.

If you are waiting for wee the people to catch up to you, to catch on and catch up and join you in revealing THE TRUTH... most folks know the truth. So waiting for wee the people (in my case sheeple) to wake up and join your Truth is like running in place. It's not that you are wrong about 911, it's that you are wrong about how you have decided what is truth.

You say it is not about winning? Maybe we should define winning? To me winning is bringing those who are responsible for the controlled demolation to justice for the lives lost, the pain, sugffering... I imagine such a penalty is "priceless"..

It's a hell of a fight which will not be accomplished with 911 Truth blogs. 911 Truth is nothing by comparison to the San Francisco earthquake.. but ver few know anything.. it's was the earthquake, or it was the fires is what people will tell you.. It was the federal government that blew up the greatest city in Earth, murdering an unknown number of people and displacing millions.

And to this day, those same powers exist and continue to rule wee the people through corporate and government contracts.

There are so many rabbit holes like 911 Truth.. you can believe complaining about it/ "exposing" it is a solution, and more power to you.. go for it.. but I do not agree. So I'm not here bashing you, or trying to stop you, I'm explaining to you, my ideas and why I believe that Ron Paul is correct.. he employed 911 as a foreign policy isse, and this is brilliant, because this is how we can get something from 911, that we were unable to get from SF Quake, the ability to stop the next controlled demolation.