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Right place Right time

I don't know enough yet to be free from the reach of so many very evil people. I don't know enough yet to have both feet firmly planted outside of the tentacles of an extremely destructive abject belief in falsehood without question.

I have been building the path out of this mess, putting pieces together for nearly 3 decades, and these pieces, appear to be the right pieces at this time to me.

Eventually, it seems to me, non Union lawyers may create the demand and then fill the demand for remedy by their examples, which brings to light the question: remedy from what?

I don't want to pass an abject belief in falsehood onto my children, they didn't deserve this, but it is coming to theater near us, so we have to learn how to be in the right place at the right time.

The wrongs are unfordable.

End the FED (redeem in lawful money?)
End the IRS (no "Federal" (Admiralty) Income, no "Federal" (Admiralty) Tax Liabilities?)
Bring the Troops Home (be those troops by doing 1 and 2 above right here, right now, as soon as possible?)

Competitive methods of accomplishing the laundry list above, to me, is essential. The better methods will rise to the top.

"26. It is this Defendant's position that the American people including this Defendant should support their government and pay all lawful taxes. But, when people within government abuse the power entrusted to them it is the responsibility of We the People to resist corruption, fraud and theft."