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Comment: I Survived

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I Survived

I survived mumps, chicken pox, and two kinds of measles. My baby cousin got shingles at 3 months of age--he's fine, too (was it a side-effect of his chicken pox vaccine?). No one I grew up with ever had autism. We had blind kids, and Down's syndrome, but no one with autism or ADHD. And everyone was skinnier.

I ate lots of halloween candy--but most was still made of real sugar, not GMO beets or GMO corn. The tariff on cane sugar hadn't been enacted, yet.

I'm glad I didn't get polio. I had that vaccine. But I like my immune system the way it is. Except for dental numbing, I haven't had any injections of any kind since 1974.

It's important to remember that as many mistakes as science makes (and in science, it's a virtue to make lots of them), it's government that makes them permanent, even if fatal, and it's critical for people to be able to choose for themselves and learn from the mistakes of others.

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