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No Woman wants an abortion

I have never met a woman tell me she is saving money to get an abortion. I have not met the woman who given the choice of a three day cruise to Mexico, new wardrobe, gold, or abortion would pick abortion as first choice.

Unwanted pregnancy.

It takes TWO, and as it stands, men are getting a free pass on one hand, after all, they can say, "It's not mine", (unless awoman has the legal power, retained attorney to force a DNA test), ECONOMICALLY speaking, the men who support abortion, see it as a easy way out, and while it's not their first choice between a golf club membership, yaght club, surfboard.. it's the kind of investment that gets rid of baggage, far more esy for the man than the woman, who, because of the acceptable sexism in this nation, already has a more difficult challenge of competing with "the golf club".

Men should be held accountable for the sperm/seed. In many ways, because of abortion, we are a backwards and ignorant culture of death. How can we expect to stop wars, we we can not stop the slaughter of the most innocent among us, our own flash, some deny is human flsh, no matter how small.. conception is life. It is the spark of LIFE.. and some hate life, believing the world is already over populated.

If pregnancy was esteemed, rewarded, and it empowered women and men, then we would see abortion far less, but we live in a society that esteems youth, corporate competition, even the movies show abortion as the dark side of a person's life, because no one wants an abortion.