Comment: so,i don't use a period..........

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so,i don't use a period..........

all yo have done so far is show your own ignorance
you are right,but just a little bit,1 psychologist
and 1 practicing DR so far,have no credentials!!!!!
i really have never taken you serious,and it doesn't matter how you
punctuate nor type.all you have done is belittle everyone
here about this,and you poohoo about them not having
a piece of paper making them official,i know what and who you are
and i could care less what you type or say
2 pieces of evidence that are damning and you attack
others for the way they type,and not a piece of paper
making it all official,let alone the fact most here have done
more than the ones with their idiotic titles
anal much??? i think so
you haven't disputed anything here,and your response back to me is
the proof
if for one am done with you,die in your ignorance
postulate that

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence