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I understand

what you are saying, but I do not know that I fully agree that the concepts of God and man are not mutually exclusive. I would say that we are as different in substance from God than dark is to light or gold is to tin. I misstated my question by not addressing the issue of substance, as opposed to merely characteristics. Blue and square are merely characteristics of the same object and do not address the substance or essence of the thing. A better framed question would be "can something be fully gold and fully tin at the same time, logically?" My point being all along that the use of logic does not satisfactorily explain the concept of the trinity with our limited knowledge of the matter. In fact, to our human minds, it is not logical (therefore often referred to as one of the "mysteries of faith"); however, that in no way means that God is illogical, to me it means that we don't have the information to break it down in a logical manner at this point.

I do not disagree with you that the God of the Bible is a consistent and logical being, my only point of contention is in the assertion that everything He does must make logical sense to humans for Him to be so. Thanks for taking the time to respond! I appreciate you sharing your views... :)