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Perpetual progress

You are partially correct, even as you are ideally completely correct on the statement that money products are 'not' a measure when they are false or fraudulent. I see their fraudulence as a sliding scale with their measure or power as sliding on that same scale. I.e. 10% fraudulent only equals 10% false. Granted that today if we use money in the entire set of ways TPTB want us to, it is about 97% fraudulent but my goal is to only use 5-10% of those ways from the start. YMMV.

I now understand that your ideas (English symbols) are what you propose, not the actual monetary system. That makes more sense on what you were saying earlier. It's good to tackle the problem on multiple fronts.

Fire is a good analogy. Yes, there are deeper ramifications that fire allows but I usually use the refrigerator analogy. Before they were mass produced, a small group had a monopoly on supplying ice. Every few days, each family (that wanted cold) had to go to the ice house to get new ice. Those in charge played massive games to maintain their position as the keepers of the cold. When refrigerators finally broke through and hit mainstream, there was no turning back and here we are today with the majority of society that can't even conceive of outsourcing their cold.

What we're doing is to find 'the refrigerators' of tomorrow and facilitate them becoming mainstream.

In this way, the people will no longer be burdened with paying their monthly fees to all the monopolies that exist today. When you really get into it, nearly everything commonly purchased today leads to some sort of monopoly but if it didn't, people would quickly be able to pay off their expenditures, save for retirement and then retire. The way the math works, this could ideally happen in 8 years of adult employment but we're only shooting for a decade.

Not picture entire communities reaching this level of self sufficiency. Parents would be lending money to their kids for things like cars, homes, school and would repay them with no interest. In this case, no banks made any profit even though they still used FRNs. The only bank profit left would be that of inflation and taxes. Granted those are still significant, but hey, we have to start somewhere. Perhaps if people got to that point, others such as yourself could persuade them to complete the process.

Re: My comment insinuating that you didn't get it was not referring to the myriad things the fed is doing. It was referring to the overall enslavement 'big picture' that is resulting. Kind of like the difference between "a thousand cuts" and "killing someone". I saw you listing the former while I was conceding that and referring simply to the latter result.

Regarding the resiliency of the movement once the effort is successful, I refer back to the refrigerator analogy. The idea alone of making your own ice and cold is so obvious that even the mention of the old ice house paradigm now gets dismissed. So to are the rest of the solutions we offer, so we are fairly confident that once banks die down, their decline will be perpetual.